Bell View Trail (West End), Rancho Santa Margarita

Greater Roadrunner with lizard 13708After a considerable amount of time had passed, a visit to the Bell View Trail in Robinson Ranch (Santa Margarita Division) proved to be beneficial.  Just outside the main entrance I had spotted a cluster of birds across the street from the parking lot.  A brief visit to this locale turned out to be a 45 minute review of 3 Golden-crowned Sparrows, several White-crowned Sparrows and the rear view of what appeared to be a White-throated Sparrow.  The unique and distinct wider dark crown markings were far different from the other cluster of birds.  After a 3 second or glimpse, a dash to the car to grab my camera gear proved fruitless as the Sparrows were gone.  Though a Greater Roadrunner appeared moments later into clear view, he just as quickly disappeared into the thick brush.  Since this species is typically difficult to find due to their speed and inconspicuous nature, I opted to loiter for 20 minutes and alas the Roadrunner appeared on this stone with prey in its mandible.

A total of 3+ hours generated a list of 41 unique species.  I believe this is the most I’ve record on this trail thus far

A complete list can be found here Ebird List 41 species on 4-4-14

3 Responses

  1. Ryan

    Great shot, Anthony. It looks like, of all the lizards that it could have taken as prey, it took the rare one, the orange-throated whiptail!

  2. Tara

    I love his hair! Reminds me of a couple of musicians I knew in the 80’s.

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