As a child, teen and adult I’ve never had a fascination or the slightest inclination to become a birder.  No one I personally knew maintained such a hobby.  The devout interest occurred after acquiring a 400mm f/5.6 Canon L series lens.  In exploiting its capabilities and bringing forth the closeness of distant objects,  it became more and more apparent that I was missing out on one of the more beautiful and dynamic creatures that life has to offer, Birds.

With 30+ years of photography experience commingled with an IT background, this became a natural progression:  to create a bird web site for southern California.

The constant dynamics of this this hobby alone have brought on fascination both in vision and sound. Exploration is continuous stimuli for the human brain.  Memorization and recall skills are challenged as you discover and explore this world that may literally exist in your own backyard.

Classroom presentations, small group tutoring and private lessons are available upon inquiry. References are available.

About this site:
The objective of this site is not only to offer photos and assist with ID’s, but also dates, trail location, GPS points, eBird logs and field ID marks along with other tips to aid with your sightings and local exploration.

This site is not intended to be perfect for every bird or species ever counted or seen in our local area.  It’s intention is to offer insight on more of the common year-round species but also includes seasonal migrants and vagrants that pass through the southern California region. is a labor of love and continual work in progress.

Anthony G.
March 2021