Recently, I had come across an injured Wilson’s Warbler and wasn’t sure where to turn too.  After a post in the Orange County Yahoo Birding listserv, I received numerous replies of local organizations to contact for injured bird assistance as well as How To Care For An Injured Bird.

Here’s a few ways to care for an injured bird courtesy of Songbird Rescue

Temporary Care Instructions for All Birds:

  1. NO food or water Keep the bird warm.
  2. Tissue filled shoe box or other small box with holes in lid.
  3. Place on Heating Pad on “LOW.”
  4. Keep bird in a dark, quiet place.
  5. Leave the bird alone; don’t handle or bother it.
  6. Keep children and pets away.
  7. Call a wildlife rehabilitation center
  8. If you’ve rescued a smaller bird such as a Warbler,  a Park Ranger on the east coast wrote and stated:  “the smaller ones I put inside a paper bag, this I learned from a wildlife rehab workshop. The paper bag is softer than a box, and won’t damage wing feathers if they panic.”

Below is compilation of contacts for Orange County only should you encounter an injured bird including tips that may help.  Note each of these contacts is not for all types of birds.

Thanks to all that assisted with this list.

  1. Songbird Care and Education in Fountain Valley at 714 222-6817.
  2. Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center 21900 Pacific Coast Hwy, Huntington Beach, CA 92646 (714) 374-5587
  3. Orange County Bird of Prey Center – Lake Forest, CA   Phone: 949-837-0786
  4. Susan Doggett – 714-637-8355 primarily raptors located in Twenty-Nine Palms.
  5. Sea And Sage Audubon Society – a complied list of resources for Orange County and surrounding counties