*New – added Dark-eyed Junco to the Photo Gallery on June 29-2014

Dark-eyed Junco’s have been added to the photo gallery.  Two variations: Oregon and Slate colored.   Click inside this post to access the link which is Dark-eyed Junco .  The most commonly seen Oregon version is included as well as the Slate Colored which have been seen here in southern California.  The photographs of the Slate Colored are from Alaska however as they are uncommon to find here.  Juvenile photos of the Oregon version are also included.

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  1. Charlotte Kenison

    Just had my first sighting of the dark-eyed Oregon Junco in my backyard in Mission Viejo – Melinda/Olympiad.
    Thank you for this beautiful website.

  2. OC Birds Admin

    Congrats Charlotte. Listen for their chip call (sounds like a pair of scissors clipping) is easily identifiable. There are a few sub species of these Dark-eyed Juncos, we primarily get the Oregon. The males and females are a bit different in appearance. Look for their long white undertail if up in branches though they are ground feeders mostly.

  3. Bob Tetreault

    I have a pair of Dark Eyed Juncos nesting in my Aloe Vera plant here in Dana Point, CA

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