Birds Of Southern California

White-faced Ibis (Plegadis chihi)

The White-faced ibis is a common year round bird here in Orange County. Almost always found near fresh or brackish water areas such as creeks, reservoirs, lakes, marshes and tpools of water connecting to the ocean. The White-faced Ibis can be found wandering and foraging on nearby grassy areas as well. Here's more frm Wikipedia: The white-faced ibis (Plegadis chihi) is a wading bird in the ibis family Threskiornithidae. This species breeds colonially in marshes, usually nesting in bushes or low trees. Its breeding range extends from the western United States south through Mexico, as well as from southeastern Brazil and southeastern Bolivia south to central Argentina, and along the coast of central Chile. Its winter range extends from southern California and Louisiana south to include the rest of its breeding range. The white-faced ibis is very similar to the glossy ibis in its non-breeding plumages, but it tends to be slightly smaller and the plumage color is somewhat warmer. Breeding adults have a pink bare face bordered with white feathers (rather than a bluish bare face with no bordering feathers), a grey bill, and brighter colored, redder legs. Adults have red eyes year-round, whereas glossy ibises have dark eyes. Juveniles of the two species are nearly identical. More can be found on Wikipedia here: