Birds Of Southern California

Wandering Tattler (Tringa incana)

The Wandering Tattler is shorebird that has an identifiable set of habits that can make it easier to locate. Some of which are: a bobbing motion (similar to a Spotted Sandpiper) when walking and a low flying pattern. Typically found along a rocky coastline or in a jetty. It may have a tendancy to seek food in one area for a brief period (1-5 minutes) then possibly fly off to another location nearby for 3-5 minutes only to return to is previous location. This was my obersvation over the course of 30 minutes as it made several visits to the same two specific areas. The Wandering Tattler in this section was found in the marina in Oceanside, CA (north San Diego County). The Wandering Tattler has an all gray topside and a heavily barred frontal area from the neck down to its belly within the April to October timeframe (breeding season). Short stubby yellow legs, straight and fairly long bill and a slight whitieish eye ring with a rather prominent supercilium. This bird is usually found solo though association with other shorebirds is possible.