Birds Of Southern California

Red-breasted Nuthatch (Sitta canadensis)

The Red-breasted Nutahtch (Sitta canadensis) is an uncommon visitor to Orange County, whereas the White-breasted Nuthatch can be found year round. In 2015 however, their numbers have increased noticeably. It's of course possible to spot one on the side of a confier tree or high up but your chances of hearing one to then locate the species seems more likely. Another words hearing one first vs. seeing one first. Their call is remarkable and similar to a small car horn with numerous pulsating notes. Their call can be found on The collection of photos presented here were taken in Mission Viejo in early November 2015 and also October 2015 in Alberta Canada where the species is more commonly found (amongst other places). Here's mroe about the species from Wikipedia: The red-breasted nuthatch (Sitta canadensis) is a small songbird. The adult has blue-grey upperparts with cinnamon underparts, a white throat and face with a black stripe through the eyes, a straight grey bill and a black crown. Its call, which has been likened to a tin trumpet, is high-pitched and nasal. It breeds in coniferous forests across Canada, Alaska and the northeastern and western United States. Though often a permanent resident, it regularly irrupts further south if its food supply fails. There are records of vagrants occurring as far south as the Gulf Coast and northern Mexico. It forages on the trunks and large branches of trees, often descending head first, sometimes catching insects in flight. It eats mainly insects and seeds, especially from conifers. It excavates its nest in dead wood, often close to the ground, smearing the entrance with pitch. More info can be found here: