the address is – 11 Strawberry Farm Rd.  Irvine, CA 92612

From 405 Freeway Southbound direction- exit University Dr./ Jeffrey exit and head west from the off ramp (that would be a left over the 405 freeway)
From 405 Freeway Northbound direction – bear right onto University.

Go roughly 1 mile and make a left onto Strawberry Farms Road.

Follow this roadway about a mile down into the golf course area and park at the end on the left as close to this main roadway as you can (note the last driveway is for the water district).  Be sure to park in a marked parking space area.  Once you exit your vehicle and are facing the main roadway entrance, if you bear left you’ll be heading in the direction of the water reservoir (see images below).  Take the side walk up the steep hill (watch for golf carts) to the top and there you will find a view of the Sand Canyon Reservoir as below.  Additional notes below the two reservoir photos.  Binoculars essential.

Sand Canyon Reservoir 1Here’s a view of the Sand Canyon Reservoir at the top of the walk path stemming from the parking lot.
Sand Canyon Reservoir 2Note – the area is marked not to go past this point into the reservoir area.  Please obey all rules and sign postings of the Irvine Water District

As you head back down to the parking lot, keep an eye out for a driveway that veers off to the left.  It’s just before the parking lot.

Here’s a photo to further illustrate:

Sand Canyon Reservoir - Driveway

At the end of the driveway looking back at walk trail

Strawberry Farms Golf Course Map

Note 3 markers above:  Park Here, Driveway and View Point

I have offered this “driveway” location as it was the most active for perching birds.  I might also recommend just on the opposite side of this location, adjacent to where your car is parked, was also quite active – just behind the tee off area for the #1 hole.

Here’s my eBird list from this day (July 9, 2014)