July 9, 2014 Visit to Strawberry Farms / Sand Canyon Reservoir

In the past while traveling in Irvine off University Drive, I’ve seen the sign post for Strawberry Farms.  I did some investigation recently via Google Earth and explored the area beforehand.  The Reservoir is quite spacious as it resides within the golf course however accessing any areas inside the reservoir perimeter are not permitted.

Should you opt to explore this area my advice is take the main road (only entrance) off University to the last parking lot within the golf course area.  I might recommend grabbing any of the parking spaces just off the main road.  Walk south and explore to the immediate right at these coordinates:  33.6494, -117.7971.  If you walk up to the reservoir binoculars are advised as many water fowl are off in the distance.

Be mindful of golf carts which need to access the main walk trail as well as golfer’s T-ing off and if you choose to explore further, be careful if near the putting greens or you guessed it, flying golf balls.

Here’s a Yellow-breasted Chat taken at these coordinates:  33°38’58” N 117°47’52” W

Yellow-breasted Chat (17618)
A Yellow-breasted Chat sings endlessly amongst the trees at Strawberry Farms / Sand Canyon Reservoir on 7-9-14



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