Visit to John Baca Park, Huntington Beach – May 24, 2014

At the back end of the park in the protected wooded area, a very vocal Western Wood-Pewee was located and photographed.  It was interesting to note its size in comparison to the Pacific-slope Flycatcher seen moments earlier and about 15 feet away.  The Pewee was noticeably larger vs. viewing either bird solo.

Also seen were a Hutton’s Vireo, Black Phoebe and Common Yellowthroat.

A link to the park with directions, address, map and park photos can be found here

Photos were uploaded of the Western Wood-Pewee and can be seen here though a few are posted below including the Pacific-slope Flycatcher.

Western Wood-Pewee (16802)
Western Wood-Pewee at John Baca Park
Western Wood-Pewee (16806)
Western Wood-Pewee at John Baca Park

Hutton's Vireo

Hutton’s Vireo at John Baca Park



4 Responses

  1. Monte Taylor

    Very interesting looking Pacific-slope Flycatcher. Maybe it’s just the photo that gives the impression of something different or that I’m looking at the image on my cell phone. Will try to remember to take a look when home on my desktop.

  2. OC Birds Admin

    The call (there were numerous) from this one specific Pacific-slope. It was ID’d and an exact match with Bird app as well to assist with the photo.

  3. Ryan

    I agree with Monte, this doesn’t look like a PSFL. The eyering, which is probably the most conspicuous thing to look for in this species, is all but absent.

  4. Monte Taylor

    Finally taking a look at this image on something bigger than a cell phone screen. This bird is most certainly not a Pacific-slope Flycatcher, let alone any flycatcher, even the Elaenia’s. The bill looks very good for vireo. And, possibly this individual is a Cassin’s. Can’t dispute what you heard, although at times I question bird apps vocals as I’ve seen some where they are flat out incorrect and of another species altogether. But possibly you were hearing a Pacific-slope calling while looking at this guy? For me, since my hearing isn’t equal in both ears, I at times swear I’m hearing the bird I’m looking at and the call is coming from off to my left. Just a thought here on calls.

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