Added Black-chinned Sparrow to the Photo Gallery on May 20, 2014

Black-chinned Sparrow photos taken on May 19, 2014 on the Bell View Trail (east) were posted to the photo gallery.  Short cut is here.

  1. Doug

    Anthony–I hadn’t seen your site for awhile. Looks great. Really like your Black-chinned Sparrow images. For what’s actually a fairly common breeder in the county (if one is in the right area), it’s a species that’s still fairly hard for many birders to get good looks at (because of where these neat sparrows like to breed of course, often on densely vegetated and fairly steep slopes, and more in the more rugged interior of the county, very rarely in the lower, more coastal, foothills). We actually have several winter records (maybe a half dozen total; extremely rare in winter of course, in So Cal); I was shocked to have one come in to pishing during a Christmas Count, in chaparral vegetation along the paved road that goes back behind Irvine Lake, about 4 or 5 years ago or so. A cool-looking sparrow that seems to share some features with Dark-eyed Junco (especially “Gray-headed” Junco).

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