2 Cactus Wrens – Bell View Trail SW, Rancho Santa Margarita – HD Video 2-24-2016

In previous years, frequenting the Bell View Trail SW has been consistent with finding both the Rock Wren and the Cactus Wren.  It seems by January the Rock Wren disappears but the Cactus Wrens remain typically in two areas:  about 10 minutes into the trail from the parking lot and also near the reservoir just where it forks over into Dove Canyon.  However, the last few visits have shown no recent sightings at least that I could find.  I was beginning to give up hope that they moved on to another location such as Whiting Ranch which in fact has been consistent for Cactus Wren sightings year after year.  As a side note, after the fires in 2007, the Orange County Register reported they had evacuated the area but returned about 5 years later.  The article title from January 21, 2012 was entitled “Charismatic cactus wrens are once again thriving in a nature” (note this link may not work as the OC Register requires a subscription to its paper). Or try my link: OC Register Article Cactus Wren

On February 24th, just before the steep grade to the reservoir, I was able to locate a pair, presumably a male and female.  I managed to catch one on a Yucca plant calling in the late afternoon sun.  I’ve included a photo and a video of the observation which is linked to youtube.  Enjoy

Photo taken on the Bell View Trail (NE) in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA on February 24, 2016
Photo taken on the Bell View Trail (SW) in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA on February 24, 2016


HD Video of the above




  1. paula

    Never heard one of these in my life. Very cool to know it’s around so close to me. Thank you and I love your e mails and youtube clips. Keep them coming.

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