Raptor Mating Season

Be on the lookout for pairs of Red-tailed Hawks in the upcoming weeks performing their aerobatic courtship maneuvers.  They are most entertaining to watch.  They are a monogamous species.  Both the male and female contribute in building their nest.  The male and female both incubate the eggs though the majority is done by the female over the course of approximately 30+ days.  A good place in Orange County to view their courtship would be the Bell View Trail East which is off Robinson Ranch Road in Santa Margarita.  There’s a link to this location here: Bell View Trail East.

Riley Wilderness Park would be another excellent location with its sprawling open fields

A photo of an adult Red-tailed Hawk taken on 2-18-16 at Riley Wilderness Park is shown below for EZ ID. Note the solid tail without any bands, white chest marking and also the patagium which are the dark markings on its shoulders.

Photo taken at Jeronimo Open Space Park-Oso Viejo Community Park in Mission Viejo, CA on February 18, 2016
Photo taken at Oak Canyon Trail near Dry Pond @ Riley Wilderness Park at Coto de Caza, CA on February 18, 2016

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