Zone-tailed Hawk sighting in Mission Viejo, CA on January 15, 2015

Yesterday, at 12:50pm, the Zone-tailed Hawk was seen flying over the Barano Trail at 12:50pm.

Initially my observation was a dark raptor flying away and possibly a Turkey Vulture.  As the bird circled back my binoculars confirmed the lack of a whitish bill and red head.  The flight pattern was slightly different than that of a Turkey Vulture and a most distinct large white band on the tail confirmed this was a Zone-tailed Hawk.

The raptor was flying solo and perhaps 1000-1200 feet above ground level.

The report submitted to eBird can be found here for January 15, 2015

An image of the Zone-tailed Hawk I took at the end of December 2014 in the same vicinity can be found below

Zone-tailed Hawk (20776) in Flight
Zone-tailed Hawk (20776) in Flight

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