Pairs of Rock Wrens and Cactus Wrens found on Bell View Trail (west end) October 3, 2014

On October 3, 2014 about 6 months since my last visit to this trail, I was pleasantly surprised to see a pair of Rock Wrens about a 1/3 a mile in from the main entrance.  To further compliment this adventure, a pair of Cactus Wrens were also nearby and I witnessed both pairs frolicking, foraging and often calling their partners.

Below are several photos from this outing:

Rock Wren (18900)
Rock Wren perched on Yucca tree 10-3-14
Rock Wren (18882)
Rock Wren perched amongst California buckwheat 10-3-14
Cactus Wren (18961)
A Cactus Wren just before calling its mate 10-3-14
Cactus Wren (18957)
Cactus Wren – note stains on bill 10-3-14


Rock Wren (18938)
A Rock Wren observes its territory 10-3-14
Cactus Wren (18959)
A Cactus Wren in search for its mate 10-3-14
Rock Wren (18947)
A Rock Wren forages in the open Bell View Trail 10-3-14
Rock Wren calling (18915)
A Rock Wren calls for its mate on the Bell View Trail 10-3-14

3 Responses

  1. marie

    Nice website and great photos but difficult to see your listings on the left.

  2. OC Birds Admin

    Thanks for this information. The site has been tested on a variety of monitor sizes including 7″, 15″ and 27″ and in different browsers such as Internet Explorer, and Firefox and have had no reported issues with over 8000 visitors. I’ve sent you a private message with further information that may help determine what the cause might be. — Anthony

  3. Ryan

    Anthony, the issue is primarily where the woodpecker is. The grayish text is difficult to see against the black plumage of the bird. It is a little difficult below that as well, particularly in the “Archives” where several of the first letters of the months are very difficult to see since it is gray on gray.

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